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View from the Nether's spawn.

The Nether is one of three dimensions in Mine Blocks (the other two being the Overworld and the End).


In order to enter, the player must build and activate a portal. Any player who dies in the Nether will spawn in the Overworld, and the items lost will remain where the death occurred. It is required to visit the nether and kill blazes in order to find and unlock the portal to The End. Water will evaporate if placed.


The Nether is a dimension that resembles hell itself. The size of the dimension is 1000 x 120; it's main color is red due to the main use of the netherrack and the background. Lava can be found in abundance as well as fire appearing on netherrack or flamable blocks. There is no day cycle and the player can't sleep, making the clock, compass and beds useless in this dimension.


This Nether consists mainly of netherrack, and contains as well obsidian, bone blocks, lava and glowstone. The mobs that spawn in this dimension are nethereyes, blazes, magma cubes, endermen, ghasts and zombie pigmen.


Nether portals are made by placing 6 portal stones (4 blocks in a horizontal row, with 2 blocks on top of the edges), then setting one of the two center blocks on fire. Once activated, when nearby, the portal will start to make sounds, besides having the two portal blocks in the middle.


All of the achievements displayed are related to visiting the nether.

# Task Objective
20 Slay a Blaze. Kill a blaze.
31 Make Portal Stone. Make a portal stone.
Odd rock.png Obsidian.png
32 Travel to the nether. Make a nether portal and go to the nether.
Portal stone.png
39 Slay a Magma Cube. Kill a magma cube from the Nether.
42 Slay a zombie pigman Kill a zombie pigman from the Nether.
43 Slay a ghast by its fireball Kill a ghast from the Nether by hitting its fireball back at it.
44 Brew a potion Brew a potion by adding an ingredient to a bottle of water.
Brewing Stand.png


  • Trees can grow in the nether.
  • Ambient thunder and lightning periodically happens in this dimension.
  • Beds explode and cause fires when a player attempts to sleep in one.

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