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#REDIRECT [[Pickaxes]]
|name=Iron pickaxe
The iron pickaxe is a good pickaxe that you will use sometime. It is better than a [[Stone Pickaxe]] but worse than a [[Diamond Pickaxe]].<br />
It is used to mine gold and diamond ore. It also can mine other than gold and diamond ore, but with faster speed.<br />
This will help you choose the pickaxes:<br />
<br />
Gold pickaxes: Mines at fastest speed, but can't mine obsidian and it has low durability.<br />
Iron pickaxes: Has a lot more durability than Gold pickaxes but have lower durability than Diamond pickaxes and mines at slower speed than Gold & Diamond pickaxes.<br />
Diamond pickaxes: Can mine obsidian and has highest durability but it's kind of rare and mines at slower speed than Gold pickaxes.<br />
== Crafting ==
|1=Iron Ingot
|2=Iron Ingot
|3=Iron Ingot
|output=Iron Pickaxe
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