Healing crystal

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Healing Crystal

Healing crystal.png

Name:Healing Crystal
Type:Block, Decoration
Found naturally:Yes
Item ID:healing_crystal

The healing crystal is an animated block that can be found in the End.


When mined, a naturally spawned healing crystal explodes and drops nothing. A healing crystal placed by the player also drops nothing, however it does not explode.

Natural Generation

The healing crystal generates on top of the obsidian towers in the end.


Healing crystals are crafted using a diamond and eight ender gems. This makes them quite difficult to obtain, as the player needs to have gone to the End.

Ender gem Ender gem Ender gem
Ender gem Diamond Ender gem
Ender gem Ender gem Ender gem
Healing crystal


Healing crystals found in the End heal the ender dragon. It is possible to destroy a naturally spawned healing crystal by hitting it or throwing a spear, bone shuriken, or any other projectile at it. When destroyed, it causes an explosion. Not destroying all of the healing crystals makes fighting in the boss battle harder, because the ender dragon can constantly heal.

When placed, they can heal the player, though they have a limited range of about 3 blocks.


  • A healing laser will appear near the ender dragon and the healing crystal. The laser connects them.
  • This laser is also destroyable!
  • This exploding damages the Ender Dragon as well.


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