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Ender Chest
Ender Chest.png
Mine with:Hands, pickaxe
Drops:Obsidian(8), contents
Found naturally:No

The ender chest is a block that can store items, however the items stored in it are the same for every ender chest in a world, so they can be accessed from anywhere.


The ender chest can be broken by hand, however a using a pickaxe will speed up the process.

When mined, the ender chest will drop eight obsidian, as well as all the contents previously in the player's ender chest if it was the only one in the world. It can be mined with a tool enchanted with silk touch so that it drops itself.


The ender chest is quite expensive as it requires eight obsidian and an eye of ender. However, because obsidian is dropped by nethereyes, it is renewable.

Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian
Obsidian Eye of ender Obsidian
Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian
Ender chest


The player can walk through the ender chest, just like the regular chest.

To open an ender chest, shift click on it. When opened, it will display 27 slots, which are the same for every ender chest in a world. This means that if the player places an ender chest and places an item in it, and then walks somewhere else and places another ender chest there, it will contain that same item in the same slot.


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added the ender chest

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