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Dyes are used to make colored cloth.

Red dye

To make red dye, you first need a red flower/rose. {Red flowers/rose generate frequently in plains) After you have obtained the red flower/rose, you place it anywhere on the 9 blocks of the crafting table or in the 4 plots of your inventory crafting box. 1 red flower/rose makes 2 red dyes.

Yellow dye

To make yellow dye, you first need a yellow flower/dandelion. {Yellow flowers/dandelion generate frequently & randomly in plains) After you have obtained the yellow flower/dandelion, you place it anywhere on the 9 blocks of the crafting table or in the 4 plots of your inventory crafting box. 1 yellow flower/dandelion makes 2 yellow dyes.

Orange dye

To make orange dye, you have to have made a Yellow Dye and a Red Dye first. Then open up your crafting inventory (The inventory one or the crafting table one is fine.) After that, you can either put the red dye on top of the yellow dye or vice versa. This makes 2 orange dyes.

Blue dye

...It is actually quite unknown, right now, how to make blue dye, although it is available in Creative Mode. Most people use lapis lazuli as the blue dye.

There is no 'blue dye' item. Blue dye is actually lapis lazuli. -User:FanJinxin

Green dye

To make green dye, first you must obtain a block of cactus. Then you must smelt the cactus in a furnace. This also makes 1-2 green dyes.

Cyan dye

Cyan dye is also called teal dye, but it is labelled as Cyan dye in the game. You can make cyan dye by putting a blue dye on top of a green dye (Or vice versa.)in a crafting platform. This makes 2 cyan dyes.

How to lighten dye or cloth

To lighten a dye, or if you have already made the cloth, add bonemeal anywhere on the platform. The dyes that can be lightened are red to make pink. 1 red dye and 1 bonemeal makes 2 pink dye ..


You do not need a crafting table to be able to obtain dyes, you only need the lower form of the crafting grid in your inventory. But for some of them you will need to craft a smelter.

Yellow flower (craft) - 2 yellow dye

Red flower (craft) - 2 red dye

Cactus (smelt) - Green dye

Lapis lazuli - blue dye

Cocoa bean - brown dye

Red and yellow dyes (craft) - orange dye

Blue and bone meal (craft) - light blue dye

Blue and red dyes (craft) - purple dye

Green and bone meal (craft) - lime dye

Red and bone meal (craft) - pink dye

Green and blue dyes (craft) - cyan dye

Pink and purple dyes (craft) - magenta dye