Crafting table

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Crafting Table


Name:Crafting Table
Type:Solid, crafted
Mine with:Hand, Axes
Found naturally:No

A crafting table is a crafted block that allows a player to use the 3x3 crafting grid as opposed to the 2x2 crafting grid found in the inventory screen. Therefore, the crafting table allows for the crafting of many more items and is an essential block for making progress in Mine Blocks. Once the player has created a crafting table, it can be used by selecting it in the inventory hot bar, placing it on a solid block, then shift-clicking it. This is one of the things you'll need to craft when you first start.


Wooden planks Wooden planks
Wooden planks Wooden planks
Crafting table



  • When there are items remaining in the crafting grid and the player exits the crafting interface, the items will drop near the crafting table, enabling the player to recover the unused items.



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