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|0-1 (33% Chance)
|Does 2x damage against Blazes
|Does 1 damage against Blazes and Endermen

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Mobs can be fought and killed. To attack a mob, click it while while wielding a melee weapon, or shift-click it if you are using a ranged weapon. Different weapons in Mine Blocks include swords and axes (melee) and bows, spears, bone shurikens, and snow balls (ranged). When using a ranged weapon, don't forget to make sure you have enough ammunition!


Any source of damage that is not a weapon will deal 1 damage to mobs. Critical hits without a proper weapon will instead deal 2 damage. Damage from swords and other tools will change on the release of 1.29

Critical Hits

A critical hit is scored when the player attacks while falling, which usually grants a small damage increase. Red star-like particles will appear near the mob when a critical hit happens. The damage increase ranges from an additional 30%-50% attack bonus, including any extra enchantments, being rounded down before being added to the base damage.


Weapon Damage Critical Damage
All Hoes 1 2
Wooden Shovel 1 2
Wooden Pickaxe 1 1
Wooden Axe 2 2
Wooden Sword 4 5
Stone Shovel 1 2
Stone Pickaxe 2 2
Stone Axe 2 2-3
Stone Sword 5 6-7
Iron Shovel 1 1
Iron Pickaxe 2 2
Iron Axe 3 3-4
Iron Sword 6 7-8
Golden Shovel 2 2
Golden Pickaxe 3 3-4
Golden Axe 3 4
Golden Sword 4 5
Diamond Shovel 2 2-3
Diamond Pickaxe 4 5
Diamond Axe 4 5
Diamond Sword 7 9-10
Spear 2 2


Weapon Damage Special
Spear 5 Sometimes goes through mobs, being able to be picked up and used again
Bow & Arrow 3 Can be enchanted to make more powerful
Bone Shuriken 3
Snowball 0-1 (33% Chance) Does 1 damage against Blazes and Endermen


Enchantments can be put on certain weapons to increase the damage of them:

  • Sharpness adds approximately 1-2 damage per level.
  • Smite adds approximately 1-3 damage to Undead mobs per level.
  • Bane Of Arthropods adds 3 damage to Spiders at level 1, then adds approximately 1-2 damage per level.
  • Power does not add anything to the damage of an arrow, presumably a bug.
  • Punch is used instead of power, which is supposed add 3 damage per arrow.


  • Enchantments can be stacked on one another, dealing more damage than usual.


  • Punch is used for both power and punch, therefore, the power enchantment does nothing.
  • Wooden pickaxes and iron shovels gain no benefit from critical hits.
  • Getting hit by a flaming arrow does not burn the player