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Brewing is a way to make potions using the brewing stand. Potions in Mine Blocks are based on this chart.


This equipment is needed in order to brew:

  • Brewing stand - To brew the potions.
  • Blaze powder - Powers the brewing stand.
  • Empty bottle - Essentially an empty potion; can be filled with water to create the bottle of water, which is the starting point for every potion.
  • Water - Can be in a cauldron, or just a regular water source.


Primary ingredients:

Secondary ingredients:



For the more about individual potions and their effects, please see: Potions.

Primary recipes

These recipes only require a bottle of water as a base.

Input (into brewing stand) Result
Bottle of water+Nether wart Awkward potion
Bottle of water+Fermented spider eye Weakness potion
Bottle of water+Glowstone dust Thick potion
Bottle of water+Any other brewing ingredient Mundane potion

Secondary recipes

These require a primary potion as a base.

Input (into brewing stand) Result
Awkward Potion+Glistering melon Healing potion
Awkward Potion+Sugar Swiftness potion
Awkward Potion+Spider eye Posion potion
Awkward Potion+Ghast tear Regeneration potion
Awkward Potion+Blaze powder Strength potion
Awkward Potion+Magma cream Fire resistance potion
Awkward Potion+Pufferfish Water breathing potion
Awkward Potion+Rabbit's foot Leaping potion
Awkward Potion+Golden carrot Night vision potion


The fermented spider eye can be added to potions, usually to create potions with reversed effects, however sometimes to make potions different in some other way.

Input (into brewing stand) Result
Swiftness potion+Fermented spider eye Slowness potion
Leaping potion+Fermented spider eye Slowness potion
Healing potion+Fermented spider eye Harming potion
Posion potion+Fermented spider eye Harming potion
Night vision potion+Fermented spider eye Invisibility potion

These can be added to any potion with effects to extend its length or increase its potency.

Input (into brewing stand) Result
Any potion+Redstone dust Increases the time of the potion's effect
Any Potion+Glowstone dust Increases the strength of the potion's effect


# Task Objective
44 Brew a potion Brew a potion by adding an ingredient to a bottle of water.
Brewing Stand.png


Version Date Changes
1.28 Oct 8, 2016
  • Added the brewing system


  • 1.28 (to be fixed in 1.29[Source]): If the player adds redstone dust to a weakness or regeneration potion, the potion will have the empty bottle texture and be renamed to potion. The redstone dust will not have been used, still being in the brewing slot and not having affected the potion. The potion does not give the player any effects if drunk.


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