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Bamboo Block

Bamboo block.png

Name:Bamboo Block
Type:Block, Decoration
Mine with:Hand, Axes
Found naturally:No

The bamboo block is crafted from bamboo.


The bamboo block can be broken with anything, but an axe is fastest.


The bamboo block is crafted using 4 pieces of bamboo. This makes it renewable, as bamboo can be farmed.

Bamboo Bamboo
Bamboo Bamboo
Bamboo block


In building, a block of bamboo can serve as a replacement for wood. It is much easier to obtain as the whole stalk can be cut down at once, giving bamboo very quickly.

Crafting Ingredient

The bamboo block can be crafted back into 4 pieces of bamboo

Bamboo block Empty
Empty Empty


Version Date Changes
1.24 Dec 22, 2012
  • Added the bamboo block


  • They can be seen as a tropical or asiatic version of the wooden planks.
  • Because bamboo can be farmed, the bamboo block is renewable.

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