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can turn into bed rock is mined a lot

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Mine with:Hands
Found naturally:No

A bed is a crafted block that allows a player that uses it to skip the night and set the time to daytime. A bed is a useful block to a new player if they can acquire the resources necessary to craft one, as this can prevent confrontations with hostile mobs above ground.

A player can use a bed by holding shift (or whatever the "right click" key is bound to) and left-clicking the bed. Using a bed results in the player "sleeping", which instantly causes the time to be set to daytime. A player can use a bed as long as it in range of the player's crosshair. A bed does not have to be used inside of a player-built structure; it can be used in an open, natural area, making a "portable" bed useful for exploring. If a player attempts to use a bed during daytime, the player will get the message "You can only sleep at night!".

Attempting to use a bed in either the Nether or The end results in an explosion similar to that caused by a Creeper or primed TNT.


Empty Empty Empty
White Cloth White Cloth White Cloth
Wooden Planks Wooden Planks Wooden Planks



  • Beds can be placed upon non-solid blocks, which can be used for aesthetic purposes.
  • The blocks under a bed can be removed while leaving the bed intact, causing the bed to remain in midair. This is normal behavior since a bed is a solid block.
  • Despite the bed being shorter than a normal block, it behaves as a normal block in terms of collisions.
  • When the player stands on top of a bed, they will appear to be floating about a third of a block above it.



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can turn into bed rock is mined a lot