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⸻   Patch Notes   ⸻ - Dec. 4, 2020
- ??? - Nov. 27, 2020
- Blue screen on world load fixed
- Hardware acceleration is no longer required to play
- Piston, rail, fence, and gate behaviors
- Basic hotbar functionality
- General item usage and interaction
- More preset items were added to inventory when creating world
- (Try middle-clicking to place different items!)
- Mining unused furnaces no longer crashes
- Returning from nether no longer respawns at bedrock
- Particles no longer appear above player
- Acid no longer has fire spread behavior
- Version number font size increased
- The same world can be loaded twice in a row
- Placeholder warning text is a more legible color - Nov. 20, 2020
- Blue screen on world load fixed
- Liquid and fire spread physics
- Redstone dust & torch, door, button, lever, and pressure plate behaviors
- Leaves, mycelium, frosted ice, saplings, and farmland behaviors
- Mining sound volume has proper panning
- Jump timer speed corrected - Nov. 13, 2020
- Initial beta!
⸻   Questions and Answers   ⸻
1. What is Mine Blocks Beta?
Mine Blocks Beta is a complete recreation of Mine Blocks 1 written in Haxe.

(Mine Blocks is a 2D fan-game of Minecraft.)
2. Why recreate Mine Blocks?
Mine Blocks was originally made with Flash in 2011. After this year, all Flash games will no longer work! This means Mine Blocks will be gone.

In order for Mine Blocks to continue to work in browsers, it needs to be converted to an HTML5 game. That's why Mine Blocks is being recreated in Haxe.
3. What is "Haxe"?
Haxe is a programming language made by Nicolas Cannasse. Haxe was inspired by Flash, and it can make browser, desktop, and mobile games. So, it is the ideal replacement for Flash.
4. How complete is Mine Blocks Beta?
For the most part you can create & explore worlds, break blocks, and place stone -- nothing crazy yet!

That said, it's over half way ported, according to the full list of tasks. Visit the homepage to see an up-to-date progress bar.

The most important features are being prioritized first, in favor of "getting the game playable" as soon as possible.
5. Will my old worlds work in Mine Blocks Beta? How?
First, you NEED to save your worlds to file from Mine Blocks Classic! There's a new backup feature in 1.30 that makes it only one click to backup everything.
Do that like right now, for real. If you wait, you risk your worlds being lost to the end of Flash.

But yes, you will be able to import any Mine Blocks World (.MBW) or Mine Blocks Worlds Backup (.MBWB) file into Mine Blocks Beta.
6. How many people are working on this?
Just me, Zanzlanz. Hi!
7. When will Mine Blocks Beta be released?
There is no release date, as it will be done as soon as possible.
8. How can I download Mine Blocks Beta?
For the time being, early access is only playable from this page.

Later, downloads will be available on the Mine Blocks 1 download page.
9. How will I see progress or know when Mine Blocks Beta is done?
Whatever way works best for you! Here are some options:
10. What is Mine Blocks Classic?
Mine Blocks Classic is what we are calling the original Flash version of the game.
11. Will Mine Blocks Beta have all the features of Mine Blocks Classic?
Yes, this is the end goal, to fully recreate it as similar to the original as possible.
12. Will Mine Blocks Beta have any NEW features that Mine Blocks Classic didn't have?
Yes! This is something we'll find out together as it is developed.

Texture packs, for example, are finally going to be possible in Mine Blocks Beta!
13. How can I play Mine Blocks Classic after Flash ends?
It is likely that the .EXE download will still work.

You can probably also play with an old version of Flash Player, with BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, or with Ruffle (once it is far enough along).
14. Can I suggest additions and changes?
Feedback is always welcome! Obviously, unimplemented/unfinished features need not be reported, but bug reports and suggestions are a healthy part of a balanced diet and/or game development process.
15. Will Mine Blocks Beta support multiplayer?
No. Mine Blocks Beta will still have most of the same infrastructure flaws that Mine Blocks Classic has, because it is being ported as quickly as possible. So, making it support multiplayer would take far too long upfront.

In the long run, we'll have to see if things get better.
16. Will Mine Blocks Classic still be updated?
No, 1.30 is the last major version of Mine Blocks Classic.
It was released November 13, 2020.
17. What will be the version number of Mine Blocks Beta?
Mine Blocks Beta versions will always start with 1.2. The first version will be, for example. The 1 refers to "Mine Blocks 1", and the 2 means the second edition of the game (beta).

If it helps you make sense of this, you can imagine all Mine Blocks Classic versions have a hidden 1 in front too; the last update could be thought as 1.1.30, instead of just 1.30.

This also helps it seem different than "Mine Blocks 2", which is a totally different game!
18. Will Mine Blocks Beta be free?
Of course! That's the point of it, right? :D
19. How will Mine Blocks Beta be funded?
I have a job, so I only make Mine Blocks in my free-time and weekends.

Other than that, the ads on the page help pay to keep things running.
You can donate if you like what I'm doing :)
20. Will there be social media specifically for Mine Blocks Beta?
Mine Blocks Beta is still considered Mine Blocks 1, and will continue to use the same social media accounts.
21. Any other questions?
Ask on Discord, the Twitter, or my e-mail.