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—   Patch Notes   — - October 29, 2021
- ??? - October 22, 2021
- Backups
- Buckets now empty when used in recipes
- Achievement get message scale corrected
- Improved scaled images on lower end devices
- Mobs no longer whine when wolves attack them
- Move than one health effect can be active at once
- More than one block data tag can be applied at once
- Brewing stand block now displays number of potions
- Shift-clicking empty slots no longer creates null items
- Frosted ice now fully displays when dragging in inventory
- Animated items no longer pause when not in inventory slot
- Command history is now up to 100 commands instead of 10
- Mobs no longer spawn thirty times too far away in the nether
- Spectator movement is no longer possible when in an interface
- Beetroot soup and rabbit stew graphics are no longer swapped
- World difficulty no longer gets reset when generating dimension
- Clocks and compasses now change behavior when traveling dimensions - October 15, 2021
- Main menu!
- Version info popup
- World creation menu
- Saving, loading, and deleting worlds
- Credits
- Mined chests no longer have blank item names
- The uses data tag can now be set on command books
- Screenshots no longer has transparent regions
- Achievements scroll panel no longer clips content at the end
- Wolf tamed status now properly migrates from worlds prior to 1.29
- Debug buttons and temporary starting inventory items removed - October 8, 2021
- Woo! Bonus Update!
- Mobs no longer vanish or freeze
- Balloons no longer crash the game when shot with a bow lacking punch
See more version history - October 8, 2021
- Settings and player skin now save!
- Decided to ditch the help menu (for now). Let's focus on the wiki instead :)
- Zombies no longer lose their arm or armor
- Achievement for opening door with redstone now works
- Invalid experience orbs no longer reappear in old worlds
- Taking a screenshot now pauses the game
- Screenshot file name now contains time stamp
- Default "Show HUD" key binding no longer also opens browser help
- Wolves that load with missing tamed value no longer become sorta tamed
- Crash when riding rafts made in old worlds now fixed
- Miscellaneous crash caused by audio playback now fixed
- It's GhostID's birthday! Remember Fault? - October 1, 2021
- "Save File" button in pause menu for testing
- World generation screen
- Screenshot screen (F2)
- Sorting regressions fixed (block breaking, creative search text, furnace arrow)
- [Safari, Internet Explorer] Audio now plays in browsers that don't support .OGG
- [Internet Explorer] Crash when entity or particle spawns fixed
- [Internet Explorer] Health bar no longer vanishes when low
- [Internet Explorer] Screenshake no longer briefly hides the screen
- [Internet Explorer] Blur/shadow shader now works - September 24, 2021
- Skin submission to database
- To be fair, that was a lot of work lol - September 17, 2021
- Skin loading from file
- Achievements list
- In-game settings button and tooltip
- Optimized HUD render pass - September 10, 2021
- Character skin viewer
- Player skin database
- Music volume now affects music
- SFX volume now applies to menu buttons
- Wool backdrop items no longer lose color
- Rainbow wool backdrops are no longer invisible
- Sneak is now assigned to the down arrow key instead of up
- Text wrapping and selection on signs now has proper sizing - September 3, 2021
- My birthday :D
- Everyone wears a party hat this week! :D 🥳
- Main menu music
- Touch controls
- Menu pickaxe cursor
- Splash screen audio is no longer misaligned on first click - August 27, 2021
- Main settings menu
- Controls menu
- Focus pause
- Inventory is now closed upon player death
- Player animations now pause with the game
- Sprinting and flying no longer toggle from menu screens
- Items no longer disappear when interacting with slots on inventory open
- The player is now ejected from vehicles upon teleportation - August 20, 2021
- Super basic pause menu
- Respawn screen
- Containers can now be opened in spectator mode
- Crash when shift-clicking hotbar items in creative inventory now fixed - August 13, 2021
- Shift+click inventory shortcuts
- Click-and-drag inventory shortcut added
- Anvil output damage no longer desyncs
- Sign interface now opens when you place a sign
- Brewing stand output no longer allows items other than potions
- Text input improved slightly - August 6, 2021
- Sign editing
- Dying in hardcore now sets gamemode to spectator
- Crop graphics now update when grown with bone meal
- Block mining is now interrupted when using inventory - July 30, 2021
- Henry Stickmin easter egg
- Redstone torch and odd torch graphics updated
- Item use timers double to match original timing
- Crop graphics update - July 23, 2021
- In-game music
- J block text sequence
- Armor on zombies now renders
- Spear stacks no longer disappear when used to hit mobs
- Instabilities with armor on spawnskins fixed - July 16, 2021
- Spawnskins
- Boss health bar now hides properly when exiting end
- Squid hit box is no longer too large
- Secondary explosion smoke particle position is no longer offset
- Chest on left side of ender portal now generates loot
- Skin magenta transparency is now removed more accurately
- Frosted ice now properly re-renders when dragging in inventory
- Crash when using incomplete armor data tag in command now fixed - July 9, 2021
- Ender dragon
- End crystal
- Healing crystal
- Dragon fire ball
- Boss bar
- Ender dragon beam particles
- End credits
- Return to sender achievement fixed
- Rain now affects endermen and mobs on fire
- Crash when using dispenser with null item fixed - July 2, 2021
- Endermen
- Wood used as fuel now works
- Crash when loading invalid world file fixed
- Crash when exiting minecart in a particular way fixed
- Crash when powering particular configurations of rail fixed - June 25, 2021
- Psst, the 10 year anniversary of Mine Blocks is Sunday! :D
- Zombie pigmen
- Icons for armor slots in inventory
- Armor damage no longer resets upon death
- Rainbow wool is no longer transparent
- Commands close button now works
- Pumpkin now has face when worn as helmet
- Crash when striking pig with lightning now fixed - June 18, 2021
- Armor (which is for some reason the most annoying thing to port??)
- Thunder fixed
- Mob head item names now match item type
- Clouds now fade in and out (delinked with quality)
- Command entry is now cleared when exiting commands
- Enchantments added with give command now work
- Crash when writing "xp add" in commands fixed
- Crash when omitting Y coordinate in setblock fixed - June 11, 2021
- Commands (yep, all of them!)
- Ghast
- Blaze
- Squid
- Fishing
- Clouds
- Lightning
- Command book
- Console messages
- Frosted ice fixed
- Crafting no longer triggers when output is empty
- Item graphic now updates after enchanting
- Anvil output can no longer exceed one item
- Several unrecognized enchantments fixed
- Mobs no longer bounce on half blocks - June 4, 2021
- Anvil
- Name tag
- Creative search
- Water now properly spawns as ice and evaporates in the nether
- Crash when dispensing missing item fixed
- Crash caused by balloons not properly swapping in hand fixed
- Crash caused by unported mobs fixed
- Crash caused by invalid furnace state fixed
- Crash when saving missing spawn point fixed - May 28, 2021
- Brewing with brewing stand
- Slime
- Magma cube
- Achievement get popup
- Status effect icons
- Inventory trash bin mouse button behaviors swapped
- Items with different durabilities properly swap in inventory
- Crash when relocating balloon with projectiles fixed
- Rare crash when dispensing null item fixed - May 21, 2021
- Enchantment table
- Basic glint effect for enchanted items
- Crash with minecart rail redstone propagation fixed
- Crash when pushing piston in world with unmigrated mobs fixed
- Crash when unmigrated mob takes damage fixed
- Crash when generating caverns in some orientations fixed - May 14, 2021
- Minecarts
- Dispenser
- Dropper
- Underwater sound effects
- Nether portal sound effects
- Rafts properly migrate from old saves
- Death animation now uses player hurt frame
- Pushed blocks and slime blocks now affect mobs
- A carrot on a stick now properly breaks when depleted
- Crash fixed when using saddle on mobs other than pigs
- Swapping mob head and dragon head no longer breaks item graphics
- Transparent boxes around scaled text on some GPUs fixed - May 7, 2021
- Wolves and dogs
- Inventory tooltips
- Sleeping
- Death animation
- Player glow (night vision potion)
- Jack-o'-lantern lighting overlay
- Sand dust particles
- Water and bubble particles
- Lava bubble particles
- Raft vertical acceleration is now fixed
- Swapping armor no longer destroys previous item
- Broken armor no longer leaves invalid items in inventory - Apr. 30, 2021
- Rabbit
- Splash potions
- Status effect particles
- Swimming and climbing speed decay issue improved
- Darkness calculation now considers time and weather
- Several potion effects improved or fixed
- Missing TNT smoke particles added
- Water ice state now resets after freezing
- Left-facing sticky pistons now properly retract blocks - Apr. 23, 2021
- Creeper
- Cow
- Mooshroom
- Cowctus
- Chicken
- Bat
- Nethereye
- Ender particles
- Ender pearls and eggs can now collide with mobs
- Item usage no longer triggers rapidly when pressing both mouse buttons - Apr. 16, 2021
- Sheep
- Spider
- Graphics for offscreen mobs no longer linger
- Retracting pistons no longer pull blocks
- Right-facing redstone torches properly break when supporting block is removed
- Crash when updating doors with redstone fixed - Apr. 9, 2021
- Pig
- Raft
- TNT fuse animation
- Explosion particles
- Critical hit particles
- Heart particles
- Growth particles
- Items dropped from crafting slots are no longer too low - Apr. 2, 2021
- Snow golem
- Zombie
- Mob spawner can summon skeletons and zombies
- Mob spawner is illuminated
- Mob spawner breaking particles are now purple
- Enchantment table texture now includes book graphic
- Odd torch glow is less dark
- Crash when loading unported mobs now fixed
- Crash when loading xp orbs in some old worlds now fixed - Mar. 26, 2021
- Ported the first mob: Skeletons!
- Pressure plates react to mobs, spears, shurikens, and drops
- Projectiles interact with mobs
- TNT interacts with mobs
- Falling anvils damage mobs
- Balloons can be given to mobs - Mar. 19, 2021
- Experience orbs
- Bottle of enchanting
- Eye of ender
- Balloons now get properly removed from the inventory when popped - Mar. 12, 2021
- Ender pearl functionality
- Eggs and fire eggs can be thrown
- Projectiles properly launch on last item in stack
- Crash when using a balloon before it is held fixed
- Crash when loading dog or ender chest from worlds older than 1.29 fixed - Mar. 5, 2021
- Bow drawback animation
- Creative inventory trash slot
- Projectiles and projectile fire can no longer be invisible
- Mouse cursor over inventory items is default instead of pointer - Feb. 26, 2021
- Migrated projectile physics
- Spears
- Bone shurikens
- Snowballs
- Fire animation on projectiles
- Slime blocks now interact with projectiles and drops
- Projectiles now interact with balloons
- Left-clicking same item in item library will increase item count
- Right-clicking single creative inventory item will duplicate it - Feb. 19, 2021
- Basic arrow physics
   - Arrows collide with the player and wooden pressure plates
   - The rest of this feature should come next Friday :)
- Improved chance of game loading on slow connections - Feb. 12, 2021
- Ender portals can now be created
- Ender dragon eggs teleport when shift+clicked
- Entities no longer duplicate upon player respawn
- Crash when migrating worlds in some conditions fixed
- Crash when generating caverns in some conditions fixed
- Crash when updating redstone next to torches in certain arrangements fixed
- Crash when combining data-tagged item with non-data-tagged item fixed - Feb. 5, 2021
- Held item now shows on player when mining
- Signs now display text when hovered over with mouse
- Drink animation now stops playing after drinking a potion
- Load world button press can be cancelled without opening dialog
- Crash when throwing snowball fixed
- Crash when updating rail without proper signal state now fixed - Jan. 29, 2021
- World changes are saved when switching between dimensions
- Load world button now works in Firefox
- Nether portals can now be created
- Cauldron behavior
- Cake and cactus cake can be eaten
- Pumpkins can be sheared
- Falling anvil can now take damage on fall
- Falling anvil now causes damage to player
- Crafting recipes for dyed items now work
- Creative inventory button is properly removed in survival
- Seaweed item no longer shows water
- Seaweed now drops all connections when broken in survival
- Cauldrons default to empty state properly
- Open inventory button now highlights on mouse over
- Inventory now closes when using a portal
- Pressed keys reset on window defocus
- Crash when opening new ender chest now fixed
- Crash when mining while underwater now fixed
- Crash when using TNT in a world containing balloons now fixed
- Crash when moving potions in inventory fixed
- [Technical] Chunk cache resets when switching between dimensions
- [Technical] World loading was tweaked - Jan. 22, 2021
- Creative inventory
- Crash caused by opening generated chest fixed
- Added temporary button for switching gamemodes
- Furnace now drops contained items when broken
- Item rendering for carpet has proper size
- Item rendering fixed for fire egg, candy apple, poisonous potato, baked potato, golden carrot, cooked bacon, cooked mutton, and snow ball
- Rainbow carpet and wool no longer flicker when first opening a container
- Detector and activator rail item graphics swapped
- Cauldron is no longer invisible when dragging in inventory - Jan. 15, 2021
- Enabled loading of survival worlds
- Furnace functionality
- Chest interface
- Ender chest interface
- Crafting recipes that keep item state no longer crash the game
- Position of combinatory crafting recipes no longer matters
- Jump height increased slightly
- Item graphics corrected for lapis, raw porkchop, blaze powder, slimeball, enchanted book, furnace minecart, dispenser, and dropper
- Item drops are no longer offset when closing crafting table
- Sun and moon glow are no longer dark
- Crash caused by balloon popping is now fixed
- Crash caused by tilling past the reach distance is now fixed - Jan. 8, 2021
- Crafting
- Crafting table behavior
- Mining, eating, slime block, and portal particles
- Mouse hides while dragging items
- Items no longer vanish when combining large stacks
- HUD elements now display for adventure game mode
- Block mining animation no longer lingers an extra frame
- Armor slots now longer show invalid items upon death
- Newly created worlds now start in survival (with cheats, technically) - Jan. 1, 2020
- Happy New Year!
- Inventory screen
- Very basic inventory item manipulation
- Hotbar inventory button opens the inventory
- Rain and snow can occur
- Rain sound effect
- Carpet and slabs no longer fly off of the hotbar
- Bone shurikens and shears now display properly
- Improved platform (stick) behavior
- Anvil damage state behavior is now retained
- Crash caused by null drop item fixed - Dec. 25, 2020
- Merry Christmas!
- Snowfall ❄
- Leaves, chests, and grass have a seasonal look
- XP, health, hunger, air, and armor bars
- Player can no longer breathe in full blocks of flowing water
- Air timer speed corrected
- Items retain their data when picked up
- Crash caused by picking stained glass is now fixed - Dec. 18, 2020
- Drops
- Drop item key (Q)
- Removed zoom keys, at least for now
- Falling block entities
- Basic TNT behavior
- Updated blocks no longer re-render indefinitely
- Underwater depth is no longer incorrectly calculated
- Darkness calculation is no longer exaggerated in some situations
- Crash caused by eating oranges or cooked pork is now fixed - Dec. 11, 2020
- A smaller update this week, sorry :)
- Bone block texture no longer appears as glowstone
- Glowstone emits a block light instead of a torch light
- Jack-o'-lantern now emits light
- Added hotbar item name display
- Dying no longer causes softlock despite lack of animation or respawn screen
- Crash caused by generating dimension more than once is now fixed
- Crash caused by generating snow off-screen is now fixed
- Crash caused by mining blocks without mining data is now fixed
- Crash caused by generating certain skyhold configurations is now fixed - Dec. 4, 2020
- Basic lighting
- Lighting-related block behaviors ported
- Remaining item graphics are implemented
- Hotbar items can now be selected by number keys
- Fire can now damage player
- Note block behavior ported
- Crash caused by clicking multiple inventory slots at once is now fixed
- Crash caused by generating skyhold is now fixed
- Crash caused by Adblock settings is now fixed
- Crash caused by entering nether is now fixed
- Crash caused by turning off redstone is now fixed - Nov. 27, 2020
- Blue screen on world load fixed
- Hardware acceleration is no longer required to play
- Piston, rail, fence, and gate behaviors
- Basic hotbar functionality
- General item usage and interaction
- More preset items were added to inventory when creating world
- (Try middle-clicking to place different items!)
- Mining unused furnaces no longer crashes
- Returning from nether no longer respawns at bedrock
- Particles no longer appear above player
- Acid no longer has fire spread behavior
- Version number font size increased
- The same world can be loaded twice in a row
- Placeholder warning text is a more legible color - Nov. 20, 2020
- Blue screen on world load fixed
- Liquid and fire spread physics
- Redstone dust & torch, door, button, lever, and pressure plate behaviors
- Leaves, mycelium, frosted ice, saplings, and farmland behaviors
- Mining sound volume has proper panning
- Jump timer speed corrected - Nov. 13, 2020
- Initial beta!
—   Questions and Answers   —
1. What is Mine Blocks Beta?
Mine Blocks Beta is a complete recreation of Mine Blocks 1 written in Haxe.

(Mine Blocks is a 2D fan-game of Minecraft.)
2. Why recreate Mine Blocks?
Mine Blocks was originally made with Flash in 2011. After this year, all Flash games will no longer work! This means Mine Blocks will be gone.

In order for Mine Blocks to continue to work in browsers, it needs to be converted to an HTML5 game. That's why Mine Blocks is being recreated in Haxe.
3. What is "Haxe"?
Haxe is a programming language made by Nicolas Cannasse. Haxe was inspired by Flash, and it can make browser, desktop, and mobile games. So, it is the ideal replacement for Flash.
4. How complete is Mine Blocks Beta?
Most of the core game mechanics have been ported, with the exception of some of the remaining mobs, entities, and items. Worlds do not save yet - that will be added when all of the menus are implemented.

That said, it's over 97% ported, according to the full list of tasks. Visit the homepage to see an up-to-date progress bar.

The most important features are being prioritized first, in favor of "getting the game playable" as soon as possible.
5. Will my old worlds work in Mine Blocks Beta? How?
First, you NEED to save your worlds to file from Mine Blocks Classic! There's a backup feature in 1.30 that makes it only one click to backup everything.
If you do not have backups, and cannot access Flash any more, please send me and email containing the "MineBlocksWorld.sol" and all files starting with "MCW" in the same folder.

But yes, you will be able to import any Mine Blocks World (.MBW) or Mine Blocks Worlds Backup (.MBWB) file into Mine Blocks Beta when it is complete.
6. How many people are working on this?
Just me, Zanzlanz. Hi!
7. When will Mine Blocks Beta be released?
There is no release date, as it will be done as soon as possible.
At this rate, probably November.
8. How can I download Mine Blocks Beta?
For the time being, early access is only playable from this page.

Later, downloads will be available on the Mine Blocks 1 download page.
9. How will I see progress or know when Mine Blocks Beta is done?
Whatever way works best for you! Here are some options:
10. What is Mine Blocks Classic?
Mine Blocks Classic is what we are calling the original Flash version of the game.
11. Will Mine Blocks Beta have all the features of Mine Blocks Classic?
Yes, this is the end goal, to fully recreate it as similar to the original as possible.
12. Will Mine Blocks Beta have any NEW features that Mine Blocks Classic didn't have?
Yes! This is something we'll find out together as it is developed.

Texture packs, for example, are finally going to be possible in Mine Blocks Beta!
13. How can I play Mine Blocks Classic now that Flash is gone?
The .EXE download still works.

You can probably also play with BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, or with Ruffle once it is far enough along.
14. Can I suggest additions and changes?
Feedback is always welcome! Obviously, unimplemented/unfinished features need not be reported, but bug reports and suggestions are a healthy part of a balanced diet and/or game development process.
15. Will Mine Blocks Beta support multiplayer?
No. Mine Blocks Beta will still have most of the same infrastructure flaws that Mine Blocks Classic has, because it is being ported as quickly as possible. So, making it support multiplayer would take far too long upfront.

In the long run, we'll have to see if things get better.
16. Will Mine Blocks Classic still be updated?
No, 1.30 is the last major version of Mine Blocks Classic.
It was released November 13, 2020.
17. What will be the version number of Mine Blocks Beta?
Mine Blocks Beta versions will always start with 1.2. The first version was, for example. The 1 refers to "Mine Blocks 1", and the 2 means the second edition of the game (beta).

If it helps you make sense of this, you can imagine all Mine Blocks Classic versions have a hidden 1 in front too; the last update could be thought as 1.1.30, instead of just 1.30.

This also helps it seem different than "Mine Blocks 2", which is a totally different game!
18. Will Mine Blocks Beta be free?
Of course! That's the point of it, right? :D
19. How will Mine Blocks Beta be funded?
I have a job, so I only make Mine Blocks in my free-time and weekends.

Other than that, the ads on the page help pay to keep things running.
You can donate if you like what I'm doing :)
20. Will there be social media specifically for Mine Blocks Beta?
Mine Blocks Beta is still considered Mine Blocks 1, and will continue to use the same social media accounts.
21. Any other questions?
Ask on Discord, the Twitter, or my e-mail.