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Download for Windows
You must uninstall Mine Blocks 1.29.0 before installing a new one! Download 1.29.0 uninstaller.
Simply run the EXE and follow the instructions.

(EXE for Windows - 7.5 Megabytes)
(Contains EXE - 7.5 Megabytes)


Download for any computer
This is an HTML file that runs the game offline. Simply open and enable Flash Player!
(Contains HTML - 7.3 Megabytes)


Download the SWF
This is just the SWF itself, mainly for Flash game publishers.
(Contains SWF - 7.3 Megabytes).


Download SWF for Android
These contain an SWF made for Flash Player 11.1.
Right-clicking is disabled, but it can run on Android.
(Contains SWF - 7.3 Megabytes).

(Contains SWF - 7.3 Megabytes).



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