Play in Browser
You don't need to download anything! Just play :D


Download Mine Blocks for Windows
Make sure to unzip the file contents before playing!
(EXE for 64-bit Windows - 21.7MB zipped, 34.8MB unzipped)
(EXE for older Windows - 20.2MB zipped, 31.2MB unzipped)


Mine Blocks Classic
The old Flash version. It's no longer supported, but give it a shot, especially for the nostalgia! :D

Emulate in browser
Experimental!! Play 16 versions (1.4.34 to 1.26.5) in browser.
(EXE for Windows - 7.5MB)
(Contains 1.30.3 SWF for standalone Flash Player - 7.3MB)

Download old Flash Player - Please note there may be a security risk of downloading old versions of Flash. Don't open any SWF files that you don't trust!




Some Links

What to build? Build THIS!
Nostalgic? Play old versions!
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