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Brewing is a way to make potions using the brewing stand. Potions in Mine Blocks are based on this chart.

Here's an incomplete list of brewing recipes:

Input (into brewing stand) Result
Nether wart+Water bottle Awkward Potion
Awkward Potion+Sugar Speed Potion
Awkward Potion+Blaze powder Strength Potion
Awkward Potion+Magma cream Fire Resistance Potion
Awkward Potion+Glistering Melon Healing Potion
Awkward Potion+Rabbit's Foot Leaping Potion
Any potion+Fermented spider eye The reversed effect of the potion
Any potion+Redstone dust Will increase the time of the potion's effect
Awkward Potion+Ghast tear Regeneration Potion
Any Potion=Glowstone dust Will increase the strength of the potion's effect

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