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Zanzlanz is the display name and LLC for Alex Lanzetta. He is the creator of Mine Blocks, which is entirely based off of Mojang's famous Minecraft.

His official homepage is, which houses his games and other creations. For more information about Zanzlanz, view the about page on his website.

Other Games by Zanzlanz

Title with Link Description or History
Golden Treasure: The Great Green A choose-your-own-adventure style RPG about growing up as a dragon hatchling.

Zanzlanz currently works professionally at Dreaming Door Studios (2017 - current).

Fynnland A top-down pixel-art survival game that takes place in a kid's dream world.
Among Robots A retro-inspired game about conquering a procedurally generated abandoned mine with two challenging bosses.
DESEEDER A horizontal shooter with a strange visual hook. Made for Ludum Dare #34.
ARBF An "alternate reality boss fight" where the player fights a boss with randomized weapons. Made for Ludum Dare #32.
Snowman Slide A procedurally generated sliding puzzle game about a snowman who wants to be a unicorn. Made for Ludum Dare #31.
Dynamole A fast paced game where the player is a mole escaping a cave full of dynamite. Made for Ludum Dare #29.
Str1ngle A game where the player controls a wrecking ball to destroy flying ninja stars. Made for Ludum Dare #28.
Convey A branching story game where the player has 10 seconds to have goofy conversations with strangers. Made for Ludum Dare #27.
FLIPTRIS A difficult tribute game based off of Super Hexagon.
I'd Change the World for You A simple platformer game for Zanzlanz's first full Ludum Dare game jam, Ludum Dare #24.
Lab Lights A challenging puzzle game made for MiniLD #36.
Human Apocalypse A quick survival game made for MiniLD #35.
Prelude of the Chambered A 2D Flash version of Notch's original game with the same name.
Broken Cloud A rocket-launching game with upgrades and achievements.
Other games can be found at N/A