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My name is Cristian, but you can tell me Crystal :). If you know a Cristian 2700 / CriX 04 / CriX Unlimited / Green Snow, I am the same. And yes, I have had too many usernames haha ... (They are many :0) Game Mine Blocks from version 1.26.5. One day, searching and searching in the hope of finding Minecraft for a browser, I found Mine Blocks on a page that I no longer remember, would it have been I think I knew the game for almost 5 years (Woah, how's the time going, do not you think?)

I really like Mine Blocks and what Zanzlanz does ヽ(* · ω ·

Keep playing this amazing replica of Minecraft! ⊂('• ω • `⊂)

Postscript: I speak Spanish, I'm from Mexico! :D