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If you find a typo, inconsistency, or error, please sign up and help out the wiki! We can't do it without your help! :D Thank you!

Hi, I'm JayXY7, I love Mine Blocks, and I contribute to the edits of this wiki! Don't worry about changing or adding pages, I'll do it, just ask.

I am an amateur game creator, creating games using Flash ActionScript 2 since I was 12 (I am 15 now)! I am gradually improving and now makes games with ease. If you would like to check my Newgrounds profile to see my progress in game-developing, go ahead!

I make major contributions towards this wiki to improve the information that the players receive. I have made and added more information on a few pages about items/block from scratch, and improve the images on pages that need improving. Personal thanks to Zanzlanz for allowing not only me, but everyone, to support him in his awesome game!