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Welcome to my page.

In Mine Blocks

I'm a redstone enthusiast.

Mine Blocks: Story Mode

Season 1

  • Episode 1: The Legends are True -
  • Episode 2: The Search for Notch - Coming soon
  • Episode 3: The Search for Zanzlanz - Coming soon
  • Episode 4: Dragon's Egg - Coming soon
  • Episode 5: End of the Line - Coming soon

Real Life

My real name is Sandra Freed, I was born on January 1 1999 (yes, New Years Day). I live in Florida. My left arm is amputated below the elbow. I can answer your questions at


Ender Dragons killed (in survival): 0

Shades Chickens found (not spawned): 2

Favorite block: Piston

Favorite item: Shades

Favorite mob: Chicken

Favorite way to get rid of rotten flesh: Throw into personal lava pit

J blocks found: 0