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* Six new commands{{Citation|1=//discordapp.com/channels/157381356173656064/157381356173656064/551521717550579712}}
* Six new commands{{Citation|1=//discordapp.com/channels/157381356173656064/157381356173656064/551521717550579712}}
* Added bubble columns in water{{Citation|1=//twitter.com/Mine_Blocks/status/1130519630882123777}}
* Added bubble columns in water{{Citation|1=//twitter.com/Mine_Blocks/status/1130519630882123777}}
* Splash potions {{Citation|1=//twitter.com/Mine_Blocks/status/1175038677405306882}}
:* Potion throwing animation {{Citation|1=//twitter.com/Mine_Blocks/status/1175038677405306882}}
:* Undead mobs are harmed by healing potions {{Citation|1=//twitter.com/Mine_Blocks/status/1175038677405306882}}
* New death animation for mobs {{Citation|1=//twitter.com/Mine_Blocks/status/1175038677405306882}}

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Mine Blocks is an unfinished indie game. This means there'll be new features to come in the form of updates!

Below is a table of (possibly) planned additions and their projected release version.

Version Planned Additions Speculations



Release date

  • Release date is set to be sometime in September 2019[Source]


  • Added "Reset key bindings to default" button in options[Source]
  • 2 new enchantments from Minecraft[Source]
  • More options when spawning mobs (perhaps including spawnskins) with commands[Source]
  • Charged creepers[Source]
  • Mob heads[Source]
  • Custom mob heads for skins, obtained with commands, for example: give mob_head 1 0 {type:"64012"}[Source]
  • Potion throwing animation [Source]
  • Undead mobs are harmed by healing potions [Source]
  • New death animation for mobs [Source]


  • Refactoring the AI of all mobs[Source]
  • Mob collision is now generalized[Source]
  • Separated sneaking from flying down in key bindings menu[Source]
  • The creative inventory now has a page counter[Source]
  • Snow balls now part of the new projectile code[Source]
  • The inventory can now be hidden (noticed by Emeric de Somer)[Source]
  • New minecart code, allowing for collisions[Source]
  • Mobs turn red when they take damage[Source]
  • Selecting creative mode automatically checks the cheats option to on[Source]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug: Enchanted books can only be enchanted with unbreaking[Source]
  • Fixed some creeper bugs[Source]
  • You can now brew Regeneration+ and Weakness+ potions[Source]
  • Strength II potions now give strength II instead of strength I[Source]
  • /seed returns the correct seed value[Source]
  • Fixed lightning[Source]
  • Fixed the player taking damage when sprinting down stairs[Source]
  • Fixed screenshot key binding not saving[Source]


  • Skeletons, Zombies and Zombie pigman picking up items[Source]
  • Double Chests[Source]
  • Flying ships (?)[Source]
  • Sign with changing text (?)[Source]
  • New mobs (because of mob refactor)
    • New spawn eggs (new mobs?)[Source]
  • Something can be smelted to give a furnace (custom recipes?)[Source]
  • The link to the discord server added to the main menu[Source]

(The future)


  • Flash game engine replaced by a Haxe engine[Source]
  • More options with spawnskins[Source]
  • Backdrops separated from foreground blocks[Source]
  • All code moved to main code[Source]
  • Better commands, (possibly modding)[Source]


  • Continuing to add Minecraft's mobs, commands, blocks, and items

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