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(→‎Confirmed: Zanzlanz confirmed that horses will be in the game eventually)
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=== Confirmed ===
=== Confirmed ===
* Unknown as of yet
* Horses

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Mine Blocks is an unfinished indie game. This means there'll be new features to come in the form of updates!

Below is a table of (possibly) planned additions and their projected release version.

Version Planned Additions Speculations




  • Added "Reset key bindings to default" button in options


  • Refactoring the AI of all mobs
  • Mob collision is now generalized
  • Snowballs now part of the new projectile code

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug: Enchanted books can only be enchanted with unbreaking.


  • Skeletons, Zombies and Zombie pigman spawning with armor
  • Skeletons, Zombies and Zombie pigman picking up items
  • More options with spawnskins
  • Double Chests
  • New mobs

(The future)


  • Horses


  • Continuing to add Minecraft's mobs, commands, blocks, and items

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