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A tree is one of the most needed things to survive of in Mine Blocks.  They can be found naturally in forest biomes, or planted with [[Sapling|saplings]].  Each tree contains two to three different blocks.  A tree will always have [[Wood|wood]], which is required to make much of the needed crafting recipes in the game.  Trees also have [[Leaves|leaves]], and some trees may have [[apple]]s or [[orange]]s in them, although they usually don't.  There is one type of tree, the golden apple tree, that have [[Golden Apple|golden apples]] in them.  Golden apple trees grow from [[Golden Apple Seed|golden apple seeds]].
The wood blocks of trees are unique, as they can be walked though.  When a wood block is mined from a tree, it loses its ability to do that.
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== See also ==
*[[Wooden Plank|Wooden Planks]]

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