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Drops:1-3 ink sac

The squid is a passive mob that spawn in the water.


Squids can spawn in the water.

They can also be spawned from a spawn egg in creative. When spawned with a spawn egg, they always have their head pointing to the right.


When killed, they drop 1-3 ink sacs and some experience points.


Squids swim around in water, moving their tentacles in and out. They always move in the direction in which their head is pointing.

If on land, squids always move in one direction, seemingly ignoring where the nearest water source is. They move noticeably slower, however in the same way, moving their tentacles. They cannot move up blocks, not even slabs or stairs.


If a squid is renamed to "GhostID" with a name tag, its texture changes. Its head becomes gray and the letters "ID" appear instead of its regular face.


Version Date Changes
1.28 Oct 8, 2016
  • Added the squid


  • The "GhostID" squid is a tribute to GhostID, who is a fellow game developer and a friend to Zanzlanz, and whose birthday it was on the release date of 1.28 when squids were released.


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