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Drops:String, Spider eye

Spiders are nasty mobs. They are quite fast, can climb walls, and they will still attack you in the daytime. They only spawn in the dark. When killed, spiders drop 1-2 string. Spiders mostly spawn in dark caves along with creepers and zombies. However, if there is not much light and you are on the surface, they can still attack you.


Spiders will follow the player if they notice them. While they have no attacks, just being in the same block as them (or near them) will cause damage. Spiders have the ability to climb up any vertical surface, even the player's home. And if threatened, they will follow you and can inflict nasty damage.


# Task Objective
18 Slay a Spider. Kill a spider.


  • A Spider can attack on the surface if the time of day is between 48-102.
  • Spiders will repetitively jump if the spider is aggressive and the player is within 2 blocks. The spider will also jump randomly when within 6 blocks of a player.


Even though they are one block tall, they can't go through gaps one block tall.

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