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Type:Graphics Designer

Prodevus helped develop the game by providing art assets. His real name is Mel.


Mel is known for having made the original Frank sprites. He also made the title, logo, and some additional branding for the game. He designed and animated many of the mobs, including the pig, cow, sheep, zombie, and skeleton assets. He created buttons and inventory slots for the original interface, as seen on the main menu. Several block textures were provided (such as sand and sandstone), but were eventually overwritten in subsequent updates.


Mel, an avid Minecraft fan, found out about Mine Blocks when he was browsing YouTube. Looking at the graphical state of the game, he quickly private messaged Alex (Zanzlanz) on the Minecraft Forums, saying he'd like to help with the graphics. Alex agreed.

Other Occupations

Mel is a music composer, writer, and artist. Prior to that, he spent many years animating and running a YouTube channel. He dabbled in game development as well.