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Type:Graphics Designer

The almighty assistant graphics designer assistant wizard thingamajig. You can call him Mel, but don't get angry when he starts shouting such obscene things as "How did you get in my house?!" or "Did you break my windows?!"


Mel, an avid Minecraft fan, found out about Mine Blocks when he was browsing the Youtubes. Looking at the graphical state of the game, he quickly messaged the creator (Zanzlanz), saying he'd like to help work out the graphics. Alex agreed.

He then proceeded to make the main character's (Frank) sprites, along with some of the mobs and the GUI. It is not known when he'll team up with Alex again on another game, though it is speculated he'll help out again with Mine Blocks 2.

On the internet

Prodevus is actually a Flash animator and small-time composer: you can find him on Youtube and on his blog.