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A pickaxe is required to obtain any stone, and must be of a suitable material for different minerals.


  • Bedrock cannot be broken by any means in Survival mode.


3 x head material across the top row, and 2 sticks/bamboo vertically below the centre. Head materials below.

Wooden plank Wooden plank Wooden plank
Empty Stick Empty
Empty Stick Empty
Wooden pickaxe


Successive types include the abilities of previous ones but faster.


Collects: glow stone, odd rock, bone.

Breaks: netherrack, sandstone, rock/cobble, coal, iron, lapis, redstone, obsidian, topaz, end stone, ender gem.

You can punch your way out of a bad spawn, but you won't get anything useful from it.

Wood (planks)

Collects: rock/cobblestone (as cobblestone), coal, sandstone, coral, end stone.

Breaks: netherrack, iron, lapis, redstone, obsidian, topaz, ender gem.

60 uses.

The only pick craftable without prior tools. Fine for rocks, but don't use on some ores or you'll lose them.

Stone (cobblestone)

Collects: netherrack, iron, topaz.

Breaks: lapis lazuli, redstone, obsidian, ender gem.

130 uses.

Decent, disposable general-purpose pick when you don't need better.

Iron (ingots)

Collects: lapis lazuli, redstone, gold, diamond, ender gem.

Breaks: obsidian.

251 uses.

Collects almost everything it breaks.

Gold (ingots)

33 uses.

Same as Iron. Gold is very weak and better saved for items that need it than wasted on equipment.

Diamond (gems)

Collects: obsidian.

>1500 uses.

Rare, long lasting pickaxes. Collects everything it breaks.