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The nether is one of three dimensions in Mine Blocks (the other two being the overworld and the end). In order to enter the nether, the player must build a portal (which inventively requires lots of resources). The nether consists of mainly nether rock. There are large mines that carve through the dimension. Also found in the nether are glowstone, lava, and obsidian. Water will evaporate if it is placed in the nether.

When the player enters the nether, they will be standing in a portal. If this portal breaks, the player will have a hard time getting out of the nether. If the player has insufficient resources, then the player is stuck and must restart the game.

The mobs that spawn in the nether are nethereyes,blazes and magma cubes. It is required to visit the nether and kill blazes in order to find and unlock the portal to the the end (in survival mode).

Creating the Portal

Nether portals are made by creating a frame out of obsidian and then lighting the inside of the frame on fire with flint and steel or a fire charge (fire charges can be launched at the portal frame with dispensers to activate it, preferably right next to it, allowing automatic ignition). The minimum requirement to make a portal is 10 obsidian blocks (4x5 to 2x3 portal frame). When the portal has been lit a purple mist, as shown in the picture, appears inside it which can be selected by looking at it but not mined. It can be destroyed by mining an obsidian block next to it with a diamond pickaxe, a nearby explosion or placing water or lava into it through a bucket or dispenser. Also, the mist can be mined in creative mode and, interestingly creates the same noise made when glass is mined. Doing this turns off the nether portal but does not give the player a block of nether portal purple mist. When the player stands inside the portal for the first time, it will create a portal in its equivalent area of The Nether and transport the player to the Nether. A loading screen will appear during the change of worlds. See the Nether Portal page for more information on portal mechanics.


  • You can plant trees in the nether
  • Nethereyes originated in the nether, but broke out and found their way to the overworld.

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