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Monster Spawner


Name:Monster Spawner
Mine with:Wooden pickaxe
Found naturally:One in every dungeon, one in every skyhold spawner room
Item ID:monster_spawner

A monster spawner spawns monsters. When mined, they do not drop anything. The player can find them in dungeons and in the skyhold.

The mobs that the mob spawner spawns are Skeletons, spiders, and zombies. To spawn mobs, the spawner needs to be very nearby. Every 10 seconds or so, the spawner spawns a mob. It has a chance to spawn a monster every second. The chances of that are 1 & 160. The player must either slay these mobs, destroy the spawner, or run away.

The bright sides of a mob spawner is that they are created in dungeons which generate with loot, and that they can be used to create monser farms!


Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock
Odd Rock Diamond Odd Rock
Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock
Mob Spawner

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