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An item and block identifier is a unique word or string of words that is used to reference items and blocks in commands.

List of Identifiers

Below is a list of all identifiers as of Mine Blocks 1.28.

Item Name Identifier
Acid acid
Activator Minecart Rail rail_activator
Afro afro
Air air
Anvil anvil
Apple apple
Apple Juice apple_juice
Apple in Leaves leaves_apple
Arrow arrow
Baked Potato potato_baked
Balloon balloon
Bamboo bamboo
Bamboo Block bamboo_block
Bamboo Door bamboo_door
Barrier barrier
Bed bed
Bedrock bedrock
Bedrock Slab slab_bedrock
Bedrock Stairs stairs_bedrock
Beet Soup beet_soup
Beetroot beetroot
Beetroot Seed beetroot_seed
Blaze Powder blaze_powder
Blaze Rod blaze_rod
Bone bone
Bone Block bone_block
Bone Meal bone_meal
Bone Shuriken bone_shuriken
Book book
Bookshelf bookshelf
Bookshelf Backdrop backdrop_bookshelf
Bottle of Enchanting bottle_of_enchanting
Bow bow
Bowl bowl
Bread bread
Brewing Stand brewing_stand
Brick brick
Brick Backdrop backdrop_brick
Brick Slab slab_brick
Brick Stairs stairs_brick
Bricks bricks
Brown Mushroom brown_mushroom
Brown Mushroom Cap brown_mushroom_cap
Brown Mushroom Stem brown_mushroom_stem
Bucket of Acid bucket_acid
Bucket of Lava bucket_lava
Bucket of Milk bucket_milk
Bucket of Water bucket_water
Button button
Cactus cactus
Cactus Cake cactus_cake
Cake cake
Candy Apple apple_candy
Candy Cane candy_cane
Caramel caramel
Carpet carpet
Carrot carrot
Carrot on a Stick carrot_on_a_stick
Cauldron cauldron
Charcoal charcoal
Chest chest
Chicken Nugget chicken_nugget
Clay clay
Clay Block clay_block
Clock clock
Clownfish clownfish
Coal coal
Coal Block coal_block
Coal Ore coal_ore
Coarse Dirt coarse_dirt
Cobblestone cobblestone
Cobblestone Backdrop backdrop_cobblestone
Cobblestone Slab slab_cobblestone
Cobblestone Stairs stairs_cobblestone
Cobweb cobweb
Cocoa Bean cocoa_bean
Command Book command_book
Compass compass
Composter composter
Cooked Bacon bacon_cooked
Cooked Chicken chicken_cooked
Cooked Egg cooked_egg
Cooked Fish fish_cooked
Cooked Mutton cooked_mutton
Cooked Porkchop porkchop_cooked
Cooked Rabbit rabbit_cooked
Cooked Salmon salmon_cooked
Cookie cookie
Coral coral
Coral Lantern coral_lantern
Crafting Table crafting_table
Desert Shrub dead_bush
Detector Minecart Rail rail_detector
Diamond diamond
Diamond Axe diamond_axe
Diamond Block diamond_block
Diamond Boots diamond_boots
Diamond Chestplate diamond_chestplate
Diamond Helmet diamond_helmet
Diamond Hoe diamond_hoe
Diamond Leggings diamond_leggings
Diamond Ore diamond_ore
Diamond Pickaxe diamond_pickaxe
Diamond Shovel diamond_shovel
Diamond Slab slab_diamond
Diamond Stairs stairs_diamond
Diamond Sword diamond_sword
Dirt dirt
Dirt Backdrop backdrop_dirt
Dispenser dispenser
Dragon Scale dragon_scale
Dragon Scale Block dragon_scale_block
Dragon Scale Boots dragon_scale_boots
Dragon Scale Chestplate dragon_scale_chestplate
Dragon Scale Helmet dragon_scale_helmet
Dragon Scale Leggings dragon_scale_leggings
Dropper dropper
Dye dye
Egg egg
Empty Bucket bucket_empty
Enchantment Table enchantment_table
Ender Chest ender_chest
Ender Dragon Egg ender_dragon_egg
Ender Gem ender_gem
Ender Gem Ore ender_gem_ore
Ender pearl ender_pearl
Enderstone enderstone
Eye of Ender eye_of_ender
Farmland farmland
Feather feather
Fermented Spider Eye fermented_spider_eye
Fire Egg egg_fire
Fishing Rod fishing_rod
Flint flint
Flint and Steel flint_and_steel
Furnace furnace
Ghast Tear ghast_tear
Glass glass
Glass Backdrop backdrop_glass
Glass Shard glass_shard
Glistering Melon glistering_melon
Glow Stone glow_stone
Glowstone Dust glowstone_dust
Gold Block gold_block
Gold Boots gold_boots
Gold Chestplate gold_chestplate
Gold Helmet gold_helmet
Gold Ingot gold_ingot
Gold Leggings gold_leggings
Gold Nugget gold_nugget
Gold Ore gold_ore
Gold Slab slab_gold
Gold Stairs stairs_gold
Golden Apple golden_apple
Golden Apple Seed golden_apple_seed
Golden Apple in Leaves leaves_golden_apple
Golden Axe golden_axe
Golden Carrot carrot_golden
Golden Hoe golden_hoe
Golden Pickaxe golden_pickaxe
Golden Shovel golden_shovel
Golden Sword golden_sword
Grass grass
Gravel gravel
GunPowder gunpowder
Hay Bale hay_bale
Healing Crystal healing_crystal
Ice ice
Ice Cream ice_cream
Ink Sac ink_sac
Iron Axe iron_axe
Iron Bars iron_bars
Iron Block iron_block
Iron Boots iron_boots
Iron Chestplate iron_chestplate
Iron Door iron_door
Iron Helmet iron_helmet
Iron Hoe iron_hoe
Iron Ingot iron_ingot
Iron Leggings iron_leggings
Iron Ore iron_ore
Iron Pickaxe iron_pickaxe
Iron Shovel iron_shovel
Iron Slab slab_iron
Iron Stairs stairs_iron
Iron Sword iron_sword
Jack-o'-Lantern jack_o_lantern
Ladder ladder
Lapis Lazuli lapis
Lapis Lazuli Block lapis_lazuli_block
Lapis Lazuli Ore lapis_ore
Lava lava
Leather leather
Leather Boots leather_boots
Leather Cap leather_cap
Leather Pants leather_pants
Leather Tunic leather_tunic
Leaves leaves
Lemon lemon
Lemon Block lemon_block
Lemon in Leaves leaves_lemon
Lemonade lemonade
Lever lever
Lily Pad lilypad
Long Grass long_grass
Magma Cream magma_cream
Melon melon
Melon Block melon_block
Melon Seed melon_seed
Minecart minecart
Minecart Rail rail
Monster Spawner monster_spawner
Moss moss
Moss Stone moss_stone
Mycelium mycelium
Name Tag name_tag
Nether Brick nether_brick
Nether Brick Backdrop backdrop_nether_brick
Nether Brick Fence nether_fence
Nether Brick Fence Gate nether_fence_gate
Nether Brick Slab slab_nether_brick
Nether Brick Stairs stairs_nether_brick
Nether Bricks nether_bricks
Nether Wart nether_wart
Nether Wart Block nether_wart_block
Netherrack netherrack
Note Block note_block
Obsidian obsidian
Obsidian Backdrop backdrop_obsidian
Obsidian Slab slab_obsidian
Obsidian Stairs stairs_obsidian
Odd Rock odd_rock
Odd Rock Ore odd_rock_ore
Odd Torch odd_torch
Orange orange
Orange Juice orange_juice
Orange in Leaves leaves_orange
Paper paper
Party Hat party_hat
Piston piston
Poisonous Potato poisonous_potato
Portal Frame portal_frame
Portal Stone portal_stone
Potato potato
Potion potion
Powered Minecart Rail rail_powered
Pressure Plate pressure_plate
Pufferfish pufferfish
Pumpkin pumpkin
Pumpkin Pie pumpkin_pie
Pumpkin Seed pumpkin_seed
Rabbit Hide rabbit_hide
Rabbit Stew rabbit_stew
Rabbit's Foot rabbits_foot
Raft raft
Raw Bacon bacon
Raw Beef beef
Raw Chicken chicken
Raw Fish fish
Raw Mutton mutton
Raw Porkchop porkchop
Raw Rabbit rabbit
Raw Salmon salmon
Red Flower red_flower
Red Mushroom red_mushroom
Red Mushroom Cap red_mushroom_cap
Red Mushroom Stem red_mushroom_stem
Red Nether Bricks nether_bricks_red
Redstone Dust redstone
Redstone Lamp redstone_lamp
Redstone Ore redstone_ore
Redstone Torch redstone_torch
Rope rope
Rotten Flesh rotten_flesh
Saddle saddle
Sand sand
Sandstone sandstone
Santa Hat santa_hat
Sapling sapling
Seaweed seaweed
Seeds seeds
Shades shades
Shear shear
Shrub shrub
Sign sign
Slime Block slime_block
Slimeball slimeball
Snow snow
Snow Ball snow_ball
Snow Block snow_block
Soul Sand soul_sand
Soup soup
Spawn Egg spawn_egg
Spear spear
Spider Eye spider_eye
Steak steak
Stick stick
Sticky Piston piston_sticky
Stone stone
Stone Axe stone_axe
Stone Backdrop backdrop_stone
Stone Brick stone_brick
Stone Brick Backdrop backdrop_stone_brick
Stone Brick Slab slab_stone_brick
Stone Brick Stairs stairs_stone_brick
Stone Hoe stone_hoe
Stone Pickaxe stone_pickaxe
Stone Shovel stone_shovel
Stone Slab slab_stone
Stone Stairs stairs_stone
Stone Sword stone_sword
String string
Sugar sugar
Sugarcane sugarcane
TNT tnt
TNT Minecart minecart_tnt
Topaz topaz
Topaz Block topaz_block
Topaz Ore topaz_ore
Torch torch
Trap Door trap_door
Tree Wood tree_wood
Water water
Wheat wheat
Wood wood
Wooden Axe wooden_axe
Wooden Door wooden_door
Wooden Fence fence
Wooden Fence Gate fence_gate
Wooden Hoe wooden_hoe
Wooden Pickaxe wooden_pickaxe
Wooden Planks wooden_planks
Wooden Planks Backdrop backdrop_wooden_planks
Wooden Planks Slab slab_wooden_planks
Wooden Planks Stairs stairs_wooden_planks
Wooden Pressure Plate pressure_plate_wooden
Wooden Shovel wooden_shovel
Wooden Sword wooden_sword
Wool wool
Wool Backdrop backdrop_wool
Yellow Flower yellow_flower



  • All wool blocks converted to one block: wool
  • All dye items converted to one item: dye


  • cloth_ blocks renamed to wool_

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