Healing crystal

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The healing crystals are animated blocks that can be found in the end. They are on the top of the obsidian towers.

Healing crystals don't heal you. They heal the ender dragon. You can destroy it by hitting it or throwing a Spear, Bone Shuriken, or Bow. Not destroying them makes fighting in the boss battle harder.


You can craft healing crystals that heal you instead of the dragon.

Ender gem.png Ender Gem Ender Gem
Ender Gem Diamond Ender Gem
Ender Gem Ender Gem Ender Gem
Healing Crystal


  • A healing laser will appear near the ender dragon and the healing crystal. The laser connects them.
  • This laser is also destroyable!
  • Explodes when mined.
  • This exploding damages the ender dragon as well.


  • Can be unbreakable