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|type=Solid, natural
|type=Solid, natural

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Type:Solid, natural
Mine with:Hand, Shovels
Found naturally:Yes, in large underground veins
Item ID:gravel

Gravel is a common block found underground. Like sand, it is affected by gravity.


Gravel can be mined with anything, but using a shovel will speed up the process. When mined, it will most likely drop gravel or more rarely, flint. If it drops flint it does not drop gravel.

Natural generation

Gravel is fairly common. It can be found underground at any level in large veins.


If gravel has no block underneath it, it will fall down until it has a solid block to support it. If it falls on a non solid block like a torch, it will drop as an item.


There are currently no known bugs with gravel.


  • The player can place a block of gravel and mine it again, and again, until it drops flint.

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