Flaming chicken

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Flaming Chicken in Hot Pursuit!

Flaming chickens are chickens set on fire with flint and steel. Anything that's flammable can be set on fire if the flaming chicken gets too close to it. They also lay fire eggs and make thunder storm sounds. They can drop charcoal and sometimes cooked chicken if killed.


  • Once a chicken is set on fire, flaming chickens bounce around continuously and repeatedly bawk.
  • Flaming chickens glow red.
  • Flaming chickens will leave a trail of fire, and can be very dangerous when in wooden areas or forests.
  • Flaming chickens will not die from their own fire
  • flaming chickens lay fire eggs

How to defeat

Sometimes when you put water on the flaming chicken they turn back into a normal chicken :), or you can kill it so it may drop charcoal or less commonly cooked chicken. It may have a chance of dropping a feather too!


  • Flaming Chickens were never specifically announced in an update.
  • When a Flaming Chicken is summoned, it will continuously create thunder-like noises.

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