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The Ender Dragon is the first boss in Mine Blocks.

It is very hard to kill! You'll probably need enchanted diamond armor, an enchanted diamond sword, and a bow with infinity enchantment or a reasonable amount of bone shurikens. It drops 60 Dragon scales, an active Ender Portal, a chest containing 8 diamonds, and the dragon egg on death. The ender dragon causes massive damage to anything but obsidian, obsidian backdrop, bedrock, endstone, and ender gem ore.


  • The Ender Dragon is the boss that you beat the game by defeating.
  • The Ender Dragon is female, which explains why she drops the dragon egg.
  • The Ender Dragon can be healed by an ender Healing Crystal. Destroy it when healing, it does damage on Ender Dragon when exploded.


1.23: First appearance
1.24: Shortened ender dragon spawning text in Creative

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