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Carrot on a Stick

Carrot on a stick.png

Name:Carrot on a Stick
Type:Item, tool
Item ID:carrot_on_a_stick

Carrot on a stick is a tool that allows the player to have some control over a saddled pig.



Fishing rod Empty
Empty Carrot
Carrot on a stick


While riding a pig, the player can control its movement using a carrot on a stick, however this is limited to sideways movement, as the pig will jump by itself. If the player presses the jump button they will dismount from the pig. If the player sneaks, the pig will stop, however otherwise it just keeps going in the direction it was going in before, and will not avoid any drops. As the pig moves, the durability of the carrot on a stick goes down.


Version Date Changes
1.24 Dec 22, 2012
  • Added the carrot on a stick
1.26 Mar 28, 2014
  • A saddled pig is more obedient when ridden with a carrot on a stick


  • 1.28 - Using a carrot on a stick while riding a pig does not deplete its durability.

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