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This page lists bugs or glitches found within the game, reported by players. This page is not updated frequently, so some of the listed bugs may have already been fixed.

Bugs in bold require more detail on how to reproduce them.

Inventory Bugs

  • 1.29.2: The creative inventory only has the red coloured bed. Deathgood543 (talk)

Item and block bugs

Pressure Plate

  • 1.28: If a pressure plate is activated and then you jump and then precisely pause the game and then exit the game before it updates to being deactivated again, the blocks it is powering will remain powered until it is pressed again. Myreportingaccountyes (talk)


  • 1.29.2: If a player stands next to a piston (as when the piston is activated the piston head will smash player head), when the piston activates the piston head will go through the head and the player will be able to move only in one direction untill both heads lose contact. User:Brackets (talk)


  • 1.30.2: Furnace doesn't give xp on smelting something. User:Brackets (talk)

Ender Pearl

  • 1.29.2: Sometimes throwing ender pearls repeatedly can kill you in creative also, like throwing it to flaming chicken. Angelo(Talk)


  • 1.29.2: when you play the game and got snowballs while holding left click with only one snowball then right click while still holding left click it can throw three snowballs Angelo(talk)

Bow and Arrows

  • 1.28: Arrows pass through rafts, minecarts and TNT minecarts, and flame arrows do not ignite TNT minecarts. TheTopazRobot (talk) 17:32, 26 December 2018 (CST)
  • 1.29.2: If the player is hit with arrows and then dies, the arrows will still be in the player. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2: Charged bows don't do any more damage than non-charged bows Deathgood543 (talk)


  • 1.29.2: if an openable object or something else that was able to be right click,while inside of a wall right clicking it will also activate or open it. User:Angelo(talk)
  • 1.29.2: if a block like chest which is accessible when right-clicking will work as normal even when there is a wall between you and that accessible block. User:Brackets(talk)

Mob Bugs



Miscellaneous Bugs

  • 1.28: If the player is falling at extremely high velocities, they are able to fall through blocks.
  • 1.28: Water does not negate fall damage like in Minecraft. TheTopazRobot (talk) 14:16, 2 November 2017 (CDT)
  • 1.29.2: If you activate a piston and then break the head of it then it'll drop a bedrock that doesn't appear in the player's inventory if the player tries to pick it up. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2: If a chest is 5 blocks above the player and then you jump, right click the chest and then grab whatever is in it there's a chance that the item will be dropped from the chest but the item will also be in the chest. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2: If you have a stack of sand on top of a dirt block and then stand under the dirt block and remove it, you will get zipped to the top. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2: Damaged anvils have the non-damaged anvil falling animation. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2: Gravel will still drop flint even if you break it with a tool that has silk touch on it. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2: If you place a chest and then enter the chest, explode it with TNT, it's contents will fall onto the ground but you're still able to take stuff out of the chest. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2: Teleporting to other dimensions sometimes make your health full. Angelo(talk)
  • 1.29.2: Resizing the offline mineblocks swf will make the blocks to mismatch or change their position a little bit. User: Brackets(talk)

Balance and Fine-tuning

  • 1.28: The Thunder weather comes too often. It should be less often, or least let the player use the bed in thunder weather at daytime. --M1 (talk) 02:57, 25 February 2018 (CST)

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