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This page lists bugs or glitches found within the game, reported by players. This page is not updated frequently, so some of the listed bugs may have already been fixed.

Bugs in bold require more detail on how to reproduce them.

Inventory Bugs

Item and block bugs

  • 1.28: If a pressure plate is activated and then you jump and then precisely pause the game and then exit the game before it updates to being deactivated again, the blocks it is powering will remain powered until it is pressed again. Myreportingaccountyes (talk)

Bow and Arrows

  • 1.28: Arrows pass through rafts, minecarts and TNT minecarts, and flame arrows do not ignite TNT minecarts. TheTopazRobot (talk) 17:32, 26 December 2018 (CST)

Mob Bugs

Miscellaneous Bugs

  • 1.28: If the player is falling at extremely high velocities, they are able to fall through blocks.
  • 1.28: Water does not negate fall damage like in Minecraft. TheTopazRobot (talk) 14:16, 2 November 2017 (CDT)
  • 1.29.2 If you activate a piston and then break the head of it then it'll drop a bedrock that doesn't appear in the player's inventory if the player tries to pick it up. Deathgood543 (talk)
  • 1.29.2 If a chest is 5 blocks above the player and then you jump, right click the chest and then grab whatever is in it there's a chance that the item will be dropped from the chest but the item will also be in the chest. Deathgood543 (talk)

Balance and Fine-tuning

  • 1.28: The Thunder weather comes too often. It should be less often, or least let the player use the bed in thunder weather at daytime. --M1 (talk) 02:57, 25 February 2018 (CST)

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