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|image=Brown mushroom.png
|name=Brown mushroom
|found naturally=Yes
Brown mushrooms, although often found in the wild, can only spawn during the game in "Mushroom [[Biomes]]". They can be harvest and replanted on grass or dirt, however they do not grow. Perhaps in another patch or two they will.
Brown Mushrooms are one of three ingredients needed for a soup recipe. Like their partner, [[Red mushroom]], when planted on dirt and when [[bone meal]] is used on them, they spring up into giant mushrooms which can be harvested easily with an [[axe]].
== Soup ==
|3=Red mushroom
|3pic=Red mushroom.png
|4=Brown mushroom
|4pic=Brown mushroom.png
== Trivia ==
Mushrooms are not a Renewable source, also the Soup is not rewenable, but if you found some [[Bones]] and craft [[Bone meal]], you can actually grow Giant Mushroom and so make them a renewable item.
== See Also ==

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