Bone shuriken

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Bone Shuriken


Name:Bone Shuriken
Stackable:Yes, 64

The bone shuriken is a throwable projectile made of bones. It deals 1.5 hearts per shuriken.


Five bones are required to craft eight bone shurikens.

Bone Empty Bone
Empty Bone Empty
Bone Empty Bone
Bone shuriken


The bone shuriken is a projectile. It functions similarly to the spear, but flies slightly slower. It also has a slightly greater size and range than a spear.


Version Date Changes
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Added the bone shuriken


  • If it goes through lava, it will catch fire.
  • It doesn't get stuck on backdrops like cobblestone backdrops, wooden plank backdrops, etc.
  • Shurikens do not anger neutral mobs.


  • A thrown bone shuriken cannot be picked up after landing.

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