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Axes are tools used to ease the process of collecting wood and other wooden objects, but are not required to gather them. They can also be used on mobs as a weapon, but do half a heart less damage than swords of the same material. Axes can be crafted from wood, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamonds.



Type:Tools, Crafted


In the 3x3 crafting bench, you put a stick in the bottom, middle square and also in the middle square. Now add your diamonds, gold, iron, cobblestones, or wooden planks onto the 2 squares at the top right square and top middle square. Put another diamond/gold/wooden plank/cobblestone in the middle and right square. You should get a diamond/gold/wooden/stone/iron axe afterwards.


The axe is used to mine wood and wooden items faster. It is not as much needed as the pickaxe. Compared to the axe, breaking these things by hand is still pretty quick. However, as the avatar needs a lot of wood, this does save time. Usage of the axe as a weapon will deal double durability damage to the axe. Axes cost more resources per tools than swords do to begin with.


  • Wood - The most basic type of any tool. Besides, using wood to cut wood is not worth of time. A wooden axe has about 60 uses, but it's waste of wood.
  • Cobblestone - More durable and reliable and lasts way longer then the wood one, had about 130 uses. If you do get the opportunity it is suggested to make it first.
  • Iron - Can last longer then wood or cobblestone, had 251 uses, good to chop trees.
  • Gold - Like other gold tools and weapons, it is the fastest, but only has 33 uses, that is why you should use gold for Golden Apples.
  • Diamond - known for its incredible durability, and had over 1500 uses!

Tips and Warnings

  • Wood and gold are not recommended.
  • Cobblestone is a good starting point.
  • Axes break twice as fast when used for breaking leaves. use shears.
  • Axes do good damage.
  • If you run out of axes, you can use bare hands to chop wood.

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