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|physics=Projectile if fired
|physics=Projectile if fired
|found naturally=Dropped by skeletons.
|found naturally=Only dropped by skeletons.

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Type:Item, Crafted
Physics:Projectile if fired
Found naturally:Only dropped by skeletons.

An arrow is fired out of a bow. It is a great weapon for killing all mobs, including the player. Skeletons are able to fire arrows at the player causing damage. A skeleton will drop 0-2 arrows on death. You may pick an arrow back up if you shoot it and miss your target, arrows that skeletons shoot and miss are unable to be picked up.


Flint Empty Empty
Stick Empty Empty
Feather Empty Empty


  • Some arrows may shoot right through the corners of blocks
  • You need a bow to shoot arrows.
  • Spears are just like arrows, and also more efficient.


  • Sometimes,you can get hurt by picking up arrows.