Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers!

What is Mine Blocks "Classic"? What is Haxe?
Mine Blocks is to be recreated in a new programming language called Haxe. The old Flash versions of the game are now referred to as Mine Blocks "Classic".

When is the next update?
It's difficult to estimate, as I'm often busy with a lot of other projects and work. As soon as I find out when an update is going to be released, I'll make posts on Twitter and Facebook. You can find the percentage that the update is done on the homepage.

How many people work on the game?
Just me, Zanzlanz. :) Prodevus made some of the great art though! Check out the credits menu!

Can you add multiplayer? Texture packs? Other languages?
No, these are currently not possible.

Can there be mods? Lucky Blocks? Herobrine?
No, sorry. Mods cannot be supported for a multi-platform game, nor will I directly copy existing Minecraft mods.
Go here for more info:


Can I change my skin?
Yes! You will find this under the settings menu.

I can't upload my skin!
Due to security, you can't load your skin on the download version of the game. If the upload fails, make sure the file is a valid .PNG image, it's under 10 kilobytes in size, and matches the allowed dimensions. It could also be because the server is down.

Why are the eyes invisible on my skin?
That is probably because the eyes of your skin match the background color. Change the eye color a little bit on each frame to fix this. You can also use a transparent background.

My worlds wont save! I can't load my old worlds!
Click the 'Enable Saving' button in the save/load menu and follow the instructions. If the problem continues, then make sure your browser or computer doesn't automatically delete cookies or cache. Using a proxy browser like Puffin may not allow saving cookies.

How do I fix the lag?
Close any unimportant web pages or programs. Set the quality to low in the options. Try using the downloadable version of the game. Don't spawn four thousand pigs!

How do I place blocks? How do I eat?
Select the item you wish to use, in the inventory. Hold the shift button down, and left-click.

Why can't I use the touch controls?
Touch controls only work on computers and browsers that support it. Try using the downloadable version, or running the game in a different browser. Google Chrome does not support touch controls for some reason.

How can I download Mine Blocks?
Go to to download the game.


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