Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers!

When is the next update?
There is a rough estimate on the home page.
I will post when the update is getting close on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your patience!


What is in the next update?
You can check the Facebook and Twitter pages for information and teasers. I have a very long list of things to add and change, and I get to what I can each update!

Can you add multiplayer?
No. This is not yet possible. This is a planned feature in Mine Blocks 2, though.

Can you add texture packs?
No. This is not yet possible. Mine Blocks 2 has this capability, though.

Can I change my skin?
Yes! That is under the settings menu. You can make your own, too!

Can there be mods?
No. This is not yet possible.

Is there Herobrine?
Rest assured, Herobrine is not in Mine Blocks. I also do not plan to add Herobrine.

Can you support other languages?
No. This is not yet possible. Mine Blocks 2 will have that, though.

My worlds wont save! I can't load my old worlds!
This happens when your computer automatically deletes cookies/website cache.
Try this: right-click and click 'settings'. Go to the 'Local storage' tab, and slide the bar to 'Unlimited'.
If the problem continues, your browser or computer might delete cache/cookies automatically. There is usually a browser-specific way to fix this.
I'm really sorry if you lose your progress, but this is something I cannot prevent.
Make sure to backup your worlds so you don't lose them! :D


The game is lagging. Can you fix the lag?
This game can be slow for some computers. Close any extra programs or tabs open because they will slow down the game. Set the quality to low in the options. Also, try using the download version.
With each update the game is improved and you should expect less lag.


Why do I keep moving/jumping automatically?
This happens when Flash is lagging. This can be fixed by making the game run faster (see above).

How do I place blocks? How do I eat?
Select the item you wish to use, in the inventory. Hold the shift button down, and left-click.

Why can't I right-click?
Right-clicking brings up the Flash menu. This is something I cannot change. Instead, hold the shift key when you click. You may change the shift key to a different key in the options!

I can't upload my skin!
You must be online to upload or change your skin. Due to security, you can't upload a skin on the downloaded version of the game. If the upload fails, make sure the file is a valid .PNG image, it's under 15 kilobytes in size, and matches the allowed dimensions. If that is all fine, maybe the server is down, in which case - sorry, I'm doing my best to get it back up!

Why are the eyes invisible on my skin?
That is probably because the eyes of your skin match the background color. Change the eye color a little bit on each frame to fix this.

What are all the items used for?
Some items are secret! Some items are useless! Some can even be broken, but I try to make that not happen. Search the Mine Blocks wiki for information on blocks or items. Consider contributing to the wiki if you know a lot about the game, I'd really appreciate it!


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