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These games are by me, Zanzlanz.

Mine Blocks

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Update Progress
The current version is 1.30.3b_1 (video). The next version is 1.31.
Mine Blocks 1.31 is roughly 80% complete!
The 2D Minecraft browser fan-game, originally in Flash, and later recreated for HTML5!
Explore randomly generated worlds containing raw resources, wild creatures, and endless adventures! Mine Blocks is mostly inspired by Minecraft, however it adds many unique features and provides a fun 2D twist on the original game.
This is not an official Minecraft product. Not approved by or associated with Mojang.
- Singleplayer survival & creative modes!
- Random world generation!
- Over 200 blocks and items!
- Crafting! Enchanting! Brewing! Pig riding!
- Animals and monsters!
- Overworld, nether, and the ender!
- Ender dragon boss fight! RAWR!
- Custom skins to share online!
- Commands! Cheats!
- And soooo much more!

Mine Blocks 2

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Indie DB
Update Progress
Mine Blocks 2 is now being ported to HTML5! Follow the development on Discord.
Mine Blocks 2.0.8 is roughly 8% complete
This game is currently in heavy alpha development.
The goal of Mine Blocks 2 is to be an immersive and unique take on the 2D block-based survival game genre.
Current features
- Singleplayer survival & creative modes!
- Random generation of infinite worlds!
- A beautiful lighting system!
- A unique crafting interface!
- Simple building blocks!
- Custom texture packs!

Mine Blocks 3
Mine Blocks 3 has been put on hold for so long that it's best to simply say it's cancelled.

While the ideas for Mine Blocks 3 were never publically stated, the concepts that defined it were too ambitious for one person to make, and many games came out since its conception that do better at filling the niche anyway.

The plan now is to pivot the Mine Blocks 3 ideas into smaller, more self-contained games, to highlight more unique premises. Also the first two games are keeping me busy anyway :)

It's probably for the best, anyway, right? Do stay tuned for more games and updates!

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