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Mine Blocks

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The next update is 85% complete.

A free 2D Minecraft browser game, made in Flash!
In this game, you can explore large worlds containing rolling hills of trees and flowers, dark caves teaming with creatures & glorious loot, and portals to other dimensions that only the bravest of adventurers would set foot in. The game is mostly inspired by Minecraft, however it does contain many unique features.
- Singleplayer survival & creative modes!
- Random world generation!
- Over 200 blocks and items!
- Crafting! Enchanting! Pig riding!
- Animals and monsters! Creepers!
- Overworld, nether, and the ender!
- Ender dragon boss fight! RAWR!
- Custom skins to share online!
- Commands! Cheats!
- And soooo much more!

Mine Blocks 2

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The next update is 99.9999999% complete.

This game is currently in heavy alpha development.
Mine Blocks 2 is full of new and exciting things to discover. On top of the familiar gameplay elements of similar games, Mine Blocks 2 allows you to explore infinite worlds in which you have the ultimate control over.
Current features:
- Singleplayer survival & creative modes!
- Random seeded generation of worlds!
- Simple building blocks!
- Custom texture packs!
Planned features:
- Multiplayer and story modes!
- A HUGE array of items & blocks!
- A beautiful lighting system!
- Dimensions! New worlds!
- A unique crafting & forging system!
- Custom skins!
- A LOT more!

Mine Blocks 3

Mine Blocks 3 is currently in the planning stage. Detailed information is unavailable.

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