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Some questions...

Since the 1.28 was released, I've got some question for you. I hope you can answer 'em all. :3

  • Will you add Armor Stands to the game?
  • Will you add an feature that can make us able to upload our maps to the game (like the skins) and see that in an "Map List"? And you can be (or somebody that you trust) and moderator that can select some levels and put these as "levels of the week" or something like that (I guess you won't have enough time to modeate that, but well, it's good to know what you think 'bout it).
  • What are the parameters for the command_book? (I only know the ones that you used in your video [command, uses and name]. And for other stufF?, [I only know the 'type' parameter]).
  • Will, there, be an TAB menu that shows you your location (in X and Y), biome and other stuff like Minecraft?
  • In the future, there will be more commands?
  • It'll be possible to add your own blocks or items (like modding the game)? (I guess you might be a guy with a lot of knowledge 'bout the language used in the game, but yeah, It's good to know if any day I'll be able to add an lucky block to the game xD).
  • Is there a way to put an Leave without despawning? (Other way than putting Tree Woods around these) (Imagine an bridge made out of this, like an skywars map lolol).
  • In this Mine Blocks or Mine Blocks 2, will be something that will make us able to make mini-games like Minecraft? (Ok, this is an stupid question because I don't think that's possible. I guess that my TNT run might be very simple lol).
  • What's your fav. mob? :3
  • Can u give me all blocks' icons to upload 'em here? :v (Cuz u do that once every 1000 years lol, no offence plz >.>).
  • Did you know that the Command Book is AWESOME if you're a map-maker? (It's really nice to have an book that gives you something or TPs you into a place where you can throw your sh*t out of da map [*cof* *cof* x999 y100 *cof*].
  • Will you add an option that can change the brightness of the game?
  • Will be possible, in a future update, to put an backdrop block and, in the same block where the backdrop is, another thing (ex: Iron bars) without making disapear that backdrop block? (Because this is... weird... look:
  • Did you know that, sometimes, the Glow Stone doesn't light up?

That's a lot of questions, and I dunno if I putted 'em all, but yeah, I hope you can answer them all. xD

Greetings and good luck developing games! /(0u0)/

--Tobias Alcaraz (talk) 12:58, 10 October 2016 (EDT)


Okay, I'm only going to answer a couple because GOSH DUDE SO MANY QUESTIONS xD!

Near the end of every update I focus heavily on how I can make map making better. That's why the command books were added (it's going to get super duper useful over time btw), and it's why I increased the creative mode speed and added barriers ;) MUCH more to come with that. Much!

Also yeah, I need to make user-placed leaves not disappear, that wood be useful.

You should submit some questions to my ask account: - it's cool to answer those more publicly, so other people can see the answers forever :D Zanzlanz (talk) 23:28, 10 October 2016 (EDT)

I'd like to do that. But there's an character limit and I can put only 2 - 3 questions. xd So... maybe... ah! Maybe if someone asks you something that you answered here, in that question you can put the link of this post. c:

just wondering

can the brewing stand be crafted???

  • Why not test it? Zanzlanz (talk) 23:28, 10 October 2016 (EDT) (yes it can be)