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|* Tra la la.<br />
<center><big><big><big>Welcome to my Mine Block Wiki profile!</big></big></big>
<span style="font-size: 25px;">* Beware of the man who speaks with hands.</span>
[[File:Burning Chicken Wih Particles.png|right|200px]]
My name is, as you all know, Tobias Nahuel Alcaraz, and I'm a regular Mine Blocks player. I started contributing in this wiki since 14.11.2015 and I'll probably keep working in this until I see that the wiki no needs more information. Take in count that my grammar it's not the best, so I recommend you to check the pages that I edit to see that everything is fine there. :)
If you need help with something, leave a message on my [[User Talk:Tobias Alcaraz|Talk page]]! I'll see if I can help you. /(0u0)/
<small><nowiki>*Yeah, I know about coding a bit, he he*.</nowiki></small>
==Useful links==
*[http://mineblocks.com/1/wiki/index?title=Category:Unfinished Unfinished pages].
*[[Special:NewFiles|New Files]].

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* Tra la la.

* Beware of the man who speaks with hands.