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Article titles

Most wikis have singular article titles (for example, "Hoe" rather than "Hoes"). This can make navigating this site somewhat confusing. Do we want to change that or keep titles plural?

  • Good call! I vote to have them singular. This also makes it easier for people to link to pages: "[[Pickaxe]] and [[Pickaxe]]s" for example. As long as there are redirects to from the plural to the singular pages, this would be perfect.

One other thing: There seems to be some sort of confusion with multiple articles being created for the same subject with different capitalization, and I'm not always sure which to mark for deletion. How do we capitalize in titles here? Do we prefer "Flint and Steel" or "Flint and steel"? Thanks much!

  • Even though the Minecraft wiki would use "Flint and Steel", I think I'd rather go with Wikipedia's style of proper noun capitalization, where things will be lowercase like "Flint and steel", unless they are a proper noun, such as "Markus Persson", for example. I've seen a couple duplicate pages too - in those cases, I merge any relevant information into the most completed version of the page, and then set the improperly titled page to redirect to the correct one. I really appreciate your amazing help on the wiki! Zanzlanz (talk) 12:46, 14 April 2017 (EDT)


Can we nest categories? Some of them are subcategories of other categories.