Snow golem

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Snow golem

Snow Golem.png

Name:Snow golem
Type:Neutral Mob.

Snow Golem (or Snowmen) are a neutral mob in Mine Blocks. They will throw snowballs at hostile mobs, or Monsters, keeping them back. If the player hits them, they briefly start throwing snow balls at the player.


Snow golems are created by placing a Pumpkin on top of two Snow blocks in the world. This is not done in the crafting table.


Snow Golems are 2 blocks high with a snow body, coal buttons, stick arms and a pumpkin head.


  • The Snow Golem and the Ender dragon are the only mobs that never despawn in any difficulty, until killed.
  • Since Update 1.28, Snow Golems will leave an snow trail in the blocks that they walk in.

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