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Type:Solid, Redstone
Mine with:Hand
Found naturally:No
Item ID:piston

Pistons are redstone-activated tools that push blocks in their line of direction. They can be used to make piston doors, traps and more.


3 wooden planks at the top, 2 cobblestone on each side below the wooden planks, redstone on the bottom and iron ingot in the middle.

wooden planks wooden planks wooden planks
cobblestone iron ingot cobblestone
cobblestone redstone dust cobblestone


When a redstone current is applied, it expands to take up two blocks in a single direction pushing blocks out of the way. Blocks that are not pushable include bedrock, extended pistons, portal stone. and portal frame. It is only able to push seven blocks.

Crafting ingredient

Sticky piston: One slimeball above a piston.

slimeball Empty
piston Empty
sticky piston


  • 1.28: If a piston on its side is powered by a pressure plate directly on top of the piston, then the piston will repeatedly fire in a random pattern

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