Nether portal

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A nether portal allows the player to travel to the underworld known as the nether. Another nether portal is generated upon entering the nether.

Building a Nether Portal

To build the Nether Portal, you will need Odd Rock, Obsidian, and flint and steel. First, make a U-shaped portal out of portal stone. Next, light it on fire. Make sure to light the portal stones on fire, not the space above the portal stones!

A portal is made by first placing 4 portal stone in a horizontal row, with 1 on each side, to create a U-shape. To activate it, flint and steel must be used on its innermost blocks.


  • The variation of the portal compared to the Minecraft version is due to the game being Also sometimes it will crash every time and never fully load.


  • There are some rare cases where the portal teleports to a glitched or corrupt world.

when you return from the nether you can tp everywhere in the world