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/* Any JavaScript here will be loaded for all users on every page load. */

// Make the rainbow color change like it does in Mine Blocks
var rainbowDivs = document.getElementsByClassName("rainbow-color");
if(rainbowDivs.length > 0) {
	setInterval(function() {
		var dateTime = (((new Date()).getTime()/1000)%1000)*25;
		var rgb = Math.floor((Math.sin(dateTime/19)/2+.5)*255)*0x10000
				+ Math.floor((Math.sin(dateTime/25)/2+.5)*255)*0x100
				+ Math.floor((Math.sin(dateTime/16)/2+.5)*255)*0x1;
		rgb = rgb.toString(16);
		while(rgb.length < 6) rgb = "0" + rgb;
		rgb = "#"+rgb;
		for (var i = 0, max = rainbowDivs.length; i < max; i++) {
			rainbowDivs[i].style.backgroundColor = rgb;
	}, 100);