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Experience is a numeric stat that is used primarily for enchanting on the enchantment table and using the anvil.


Experience can be obtained by mining ores, fishing, bottle of enchanting and killing mobs.


  • Experience can be spent on enchanting tools and armor with an enchantment table.
  • It can also be spent on combining enchantments or renaming items with an anvil.


The experience points you collect will fill up the green experience bar directly above the inventory. Once you fill up the bar, you will level up. The number of levels is shown as the number on the experience bar.

Once you enchant something or use an anvil, the specified levels of experience will be subtracted from you. If you die, half of your levels are lost, and the other half are dropped at the location of your death.


When The player kills any mobs or mines an ore, then pauses the game the experience still moves.

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